Opt in - Opt out Squash Leagues

The list below shows the current eligible members wishing to play league squash, or return after injury, or temporarily or permanently be removed from the leagues which will be prepared on 1st January 2018. 


If you wish to add your name to the list, for whatever reason, please email Ian at squashmembership@stratfordsportsclub.co.uk 


Please note that any player who does not play any of his/her matches for two consecutive months will not be entitled to be included in the leagues the following month.



Name  Instruction Approx League
Callum Pettigrew Removed - rejoin Feb 5
Paul Greenwood  Removed - rejoin January  4
Paul Massey  Removed until further notice  
Dominic Smallman Removed - rejoin January  
Alan Crane  Removed until further notice  
David Stephenson  Removed until further notice  
Simon Kemp  Removed until further notice  
Graeme Adams  Removed - rejoin Feb   
Simon Gilson Not played November leaque matches  
Andy Davis Not played November leaque matches  
Mark Brayshay remove in Jan until further notice  
Adrian Cooke Not played November leaque matches  
Huw Price Not played November leaque matches