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New Internal League Scoring

New Scoring Trial for Internal League Matches


It has been decided to trial new point a rally (PAR) scoring rather than the traditional Hand-in-Hand-out (HIHO) to fall in line with team match, club competitions, lengths league and racketball scoring.


The new scoring will be as follows, and be reviewed at the end of the year.

  • Leagues 1-6 point a rally (PAR) scoring up to 11 only
  • Leagues 7 onwards point a rally (PAR) scoring up to 15 or Hand-in-Hand-out (HIHO) scoring at agreement of both players.
  • Best of 5 games

If there is no agreement between the players, the default Hand-in-Hand-out (HIHO) scoring to 9 will take precedence.


Lengths League scoring will continue unchanged.

  • Point a rally (PAR) scoring up to 11 only
  • Best of 5 games

The club has also been asked to clarify the rule on late appearance to an organised game.

Any player that is 10 minutes late will forfeit the match and a walkover awarded, unless agreement for a rearranged game by the attendee.

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